Mace Fighting Edit

Gandalf: Oh... you would not part an old man from his walking stick?

Training Edit

From 0 - 30 skill you should buy from the Warrior Guildmaster.

30 - 120 Hunt monsters, or smack a friend. Note that training Mace Fighting on a player might be a little more dangerous then other Weapon Skill, as most blunt weapons will destroy armor quickly and will deal quite some damage. Unfortunately you cannot train Mace Fighting with daggers or skinning knives. Instead use a Magic Wand or a Club, both have the lightest damage and are still fast swinging.

Weapon Selection Edit

Jambi (player) prefers

1 Handed War Mace

2 Handed Black Staff

Note: Black Staves cannot be crafted at this moment, if you have not got any good magical one, use Quarter Staff or War Hammer.

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